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Welcome to Intellisense Educare

If you are a secondary or higher secondary school student, and seeking to excel in life, you have reached your ultimate destination. Ever since our inception, we have trained thousands of learners like you, placing them on the fast track to success, glory, and triumph. Our sole purpose of existence is to help students, standing on the threshold of their chosen careers, to take the final leap forward.

Our vision is that every student, whom we take under our broad framework of academics, reaches his or her highest educational potential. Irrespective of whether students opt to pursue science, humanities, or commerce, they must be able to do their absolute best and come through with flying colors.

We are appreciative of all the students and parents who have placed their trust in us. Our goal is to lay a strong didactic foundation for all who come under our wing so that they may construct a towering edifice upon it in the days ahead. We realize that the competition is growing stiffer by the day, but strive hard to provide our students with the set of right tools and techniques to forge forward with gusto. In our unremitting endeavor to place each student on the direct path to attain stardom, we leave no stone unturned or anything to providence.

We hope to instill enough confidence in our protégés to brave all stumbling blocks that may come their way. It is our sincere wish to place each student in the most fitting slot of their selected vocation. To be able to clear the secondary and higher secondary public exam with ease and competence is the first step towards this ultimate objective. We take pride in each step that our students take with the help of our sound methodology of coaching them. It is our earnest desire to extend our assistance to many more students and help them put their best foot forward in academics and their professional life.


With the assistance of Intellisense Educare, my today is bright and my future, brilliant. I was an average performer during my secondary school till I decided to join Intellisense Educare.
My decision to join Intellisense Educare was the best thing I did since a long time. The knowledge that I imbibed here was so thorough that I sailed through higher secondary and senior secondary exams with ease.
I wish the teacher at my school took half the trouble that instructors at Intellisense Educare coaching classes take. All the fundamentals of even the most difficult subjects have become crystal clear to me.