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Why Intellisense?

With so many coaching classes coming up every day in every nook and corner of the city, It is important for each student before enrolling to assess the reasons for selecting an institute. If you are wondering why choose us, we offer the following reasons.

Experienced Teachers
Our faculties are well trained, highly qualified with years of experience. This enables them to impart quality education through the most innovative methods. Their expertise in teaching enables them to make complex topics look easy for students to grasp. Their hard work, dedication and guidance enables to bring out the best in every student. They constantly update themselves with the latest teaching methods and knowledge of the subject. They act as mentors and guide for the students who need extra help.

Planning & Methodology
The syllabus is completed much in advance giving ample time to the students to prepare themselves. To give them the feel of the examinations, mock tests are taken on a regular basis on the completion syllabus. These tests are based on the pattern on which the board papers are set. This helps the students to understand how to approach the paper in the given time. It also helps them to assess their knowledge in the particular subject. Apart from the mock tests, regular chapter wise assessments are taken which ensures better understanding for the students.

Individual Attention & Support
Though classes are taken in groups each student is given one to one attention. Extra time is given to students requiring additional support. Each regular assessment and mock test is discussed in details with each student. This helps in identifying weak areas and working on them.

Scholarship tests are taken while enrolling the students. According to the percentage achieved in these tests students are granted scholarships which may extend up to 100% of the tuition fees.